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men in blue

I'll never have a fan base made up of Citizens on Patrol, cause dammit I can't stop bitching about the way they carry out their procedures. One of my girlfriends got in a jam (family matters that shouldn't have concerned the law). 4 uniforms came to slap bracelets on her. Is this for real? I always thought due to the low salary and the dangers of the job, that there was a shortage of cops. I guess that day they had nowhere to be. One of them kept asking her about the porn industry. But he said he didn't watch it or have anything to do with it now that he was married. Why was he asking if she'd ever worked with Jenna, Nina and so on? We all know he watches the shit, but to lie in front of his boys about it. Come on, cops shouldn't lie. Anyway, I'm glad she got the family matter resolved without anymore harrassment from the men. It sounds like they carried out their duties a tad too Robo Cop to me. As for Officer Manning, she bets you have the biggest dick in the crowd. Your maturity level surpasses those of your co-workers.
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